EU Mobility and Covid-19

And suddenly everything comes to a standstill… What we have experienced in so many areas of life over the past few months also and in particular affects the activities planned under the Erasmus+ programme, which were intended to enable learners and teachers to spend time abroad in Europe: They have been cancelled.
With the current relaxations of the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, the questions now arise: what is the next step with Erasmus+? When can mobility be planned and take place again? How will unusual activities be dealt with?
The travel warnings have been lifted for most Erasmus+ programme countries, there are still indications and air traffic is only slowly being resumed. In Germany, the ministries of education and cultural affairs in every federal state have issued guidelines for school trips. The same requirements also apply to Erasmus+ mobility projects.
When planning a new mobility project, it is therefore absolutely necessary to obtain detailed information about the respective requirements. Furthermore, we will probably have to proceed with more caution and flexibility for a long time to come. Cancellable tariffs and contractually agreed cancellation periods will play a greater role, as will the choice of placement areas and activities. There are still many restrictions in professional fields that will make the realisation of internships more difficult. But with the appropriate precautions and good coordination, we hope that mobility will soon return to normality in the EU and that Europe can once again be lived and experienced consciously by all.
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