What does good project management mean?

Planning, structuring processes, defining milestones, monitoring the progress, keeping an eye on the financial issues, advance thinking in order to react quickly to challenges… This is certainly all true – but we actually see a bit more in project management:

It is all about working for and working with people, a friendly, competent, cooperative, flexible and also creative togetherness to reach a common goal.

We love the cooperation at a European level, the mutual learning experience and the common development of methods and approaches in education – in vocational, cultural and adult education.
Since our foundation we worked in more than 50 EU funded projects (without mobility), as coordinator or partner in the Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus+, Daphne, Europe for Citizens and AMIF.

According to our experience and fields of activity, we act in the following thematic areas:

Work based learning
Culture & creativity
Innovative teaching methods
Competence development

Our best practices :


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