SenQuality – Preparation for later life

SenQuality wants to raise awareness for the importance of planning for later life in a positive way and offers an individual, easy-accessible and flexible planning tool.

Demographic ageing is a phenomenon that can be observed across Europe. Official statistics reveal that life expectancy has risen, on average, by more than two years per decade since the 1960s. Today, it is relatively normal to age well past 70, past 80, or even past 90. But does living long automatically mean living well?

Studies show that active later life planning and self-reflection of age-related transitions can influence well-being positively.

Later life preparation is a complex topic. It includes many different aspects, legal regulations and personal backgrounds, interests and wishes. SenQuality deals with nine life domains from finances and health over leisure activities and lifestyle to work and employment. It combines self assessment and action planning for a better later life planning.

Aims of the SenQuality project are:

  • raise awareness among adults and organisations for the importance of later life planning
  • motivate to start preparing for the third and fourth age
  • create a hanbook decribing the domains of preparation and good practices from EU countries
  • create a digital platform based on self-reflection for the personal later life planning
  • provide a tool to create an action plan that fits the personal goals of the planner


SenQuality – Preparation for later life

Funding programme: Erasmus+ KA2
Projektnummer: 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007435
Thematic area: Lifelong learning incl. senior citizens
Project period: 2020 – 2023
Project website:

  • Polygonal, Italy
  • p-consulting, Greece
  • Center for Competence Development, Cyprus
  • DomSpain, Spain
  • Alma Mater Europaea, Slovenia
  • CKU Sopot


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