Funding programme: Erasmus+ KA2
Projektnummer: 2014-1-DE02-KA202-001571
Thematic area: E-learning
Project period: 2014 – 2016
Project website:
Partner: – Manavagat Ilçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü, Turkey
– Storybag, Netherlands
– Platform Opleiding, Onderwijs en Organisatie BV (PLATO), Netherlands
– Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd., United Kingdom
– Platon, Greece
– Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre, Lithuana

A journey to promote key competences in early childhood education through storytelling

Everyone likes a good story … for entertainment or also for educational purposes, e.g. to keep the attention of children while imparting important contents or to develop competences. Competences like communication in the mother tongue or a foreign language, social competences, basic mathematical skills … – fundamental contents as basis for lifelong learning.

The Sinbad project aims at promoting storytelling and the use of storytelling techniques in pre-school and primary school education, in order to enhance the key competences acquired by children. The project activities therefore support pre-school and primary school teachers in learning or further developing oral storytelling, gives advice on how to actively involve children and impart methods for a targeted competence development.


Sinbad at a glance

  • Pedagogical background information
    • Competence based learning in early childhood education
    • EU key competences
    • Storytelling as teaching method
  • Education pack and elearning course: Storytelling for the competence development of children
  • Practical face-to-face workshops: Storytelling for the competences
  • Guidelines for organising face-to-face workshops and collegial exchange independently
  • Collection of example stories as resource and basis for further ideas

Sinbad Elearning Course

This charge free course is aiming at early childhood educators and teach all about free story telling – for education and targeted development of competences in children.


“Find a story”

In this project a collection of stories with different competence development activities was compiled which can performed with children.  Exemplary stories were assigned to the EU key competences and are ready for download – for direct preparation of telling this story or as inspiration for an own story.


Story Telling Workshops

Also after the project time has expired, the Sinbad team offers workshops to learn the method of story telling. It is accepted as formal further education and the participation will be certificated. The certification of the course follows ECVET principles (European Credit System of Vocational Education and Training) and is based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

For further information please contact us


Project leaflet
Pedagogical Framework: Competence development through storytelling: a draft conceptual framework
Education Pack: Further training handbook for people working in early childhood education – Storytelling for the competence development of children. Handbook with information, guides, techniques, methodologies and suggestions
Navigating with Sinbad – Guidelines for organising face-to-face workshops and collegial exchange

Further downloads

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